About Us

We were emergency foster parents focused on reunification & providing short-term options for kids in care until we got a phone call for a tiny, 6 week old baby boy. 2 weeks later, we received a 2nd call for his 2 year old brother. Just as quickly we entered the world of adopting transracially from foster care. That was 3 years ago. We recently adopted the boys' big sister and are now a family of 5.

We are visual storytellers, parents and educators writing from the intersections of transracial adoption, foster care and LGBT parenting. Join us from the beginning, at our first big announcement or our most recent post. A curated feed for National Foster Care Month 2017 can be found here. And if you want to level up your phone photo skills, here.

Our followers

People come here for clinical insight, photo tips, strategies for parenting through hard times, an authentic view into parenting within the foster care system, adoption processes, humility, humor, creativity, and evocative, anonymous photographs. By sharing our everyday lives in intentional ways and collaborating with others who challenge us to continue growing, people return at the same rate that others arrive because they feel a sense of belonging. They stay because they find themselves somewhere inside the story. 

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