We are a same-sex couple known publicly as Artist Mom and Therapist Mama. We write & photograph from the intersections of transracial adoption, LGBT parenting and foster care. We began as emergency foster parents focused on reunification, serving a revolving door of school-age kids in need of a safe home for the weekend and quickly found ourselves parenting 2 baby boys who needed a family forever. Later, their older sister joined us. We are now a mixed-race family of 5 finding our rhythm, living out our lives and journeying toward wellness. Check out the before/after pics of the house we're selling and why we have to move, discover the radical changes we made to help our kids heal and sleep through the night or join us 4 years ago, from the beginning.

Meet the Fam:

We use our platforms for 3 reasons—exposure to diverse families, community-building and social change.

We're proud to hear that folks still use our writing as a resource while making their way through the world of foster care and adoption. Bigger than that, we also aim to continue doing important work.

2018 is shaping up to be a big year for us. We were energized to recently learn that we are nominated for 2 Iris Awards at Mom 2.0 Summit's 10th anniversary May 2-4; Instagram of the Year and Best Photography. We're grateful to be recognized by our peers for the work we do here and hope to continue carrying it forward. We're also speaking at that conference on the importance of leveraging platforms for social change and recently spoke on the same topic at Altitude Summit. Right now, we have 3 major projects under way: 

Humans of the Year 

A collaboration with 7 parents from around the globe highlighting incredible work by normal people for social good. 

Sunday Series 

Another collaborative project with parents housed right here, featuring multi-racial parenting perspectives from guest bloggers who cover some of the most important topics of our time.


A call-to-action for the influencer community to leverage their platforms for social change.

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