Sneak Peak - The Ultimate Beginner Photo Workshop

“Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Relaxed, easy to follow and informative. Not only has it improved my technical knowledge and photographs, it also got me to consider how and when I actually take photographs and how I can make this less obtrusive for my daughter and capture more of her true personality. Will definitely sign up for the next one.”  -Collette

In this workshop loaded with tips and tricks, we open up about our process of snapping those shots that tell our visual story. Our goal is to equip you with the tactics you need to unleash your photog beast & start creating the dynamic images you want - start to finish.


“I’m so grateful Artist Mom put this workshop together. I've admired her photographs for a long time and was curious about some of the tricks she used to capture childhood so purely and creative. It was also inspiring to learn how to photograph my child in a non-invasive way and to learn more about documenting than posing. There is so much packed into the hour, I'm really excited for this resource!” -Anonymous

What you'll get:

  • 1 hour of instruction. Unlimited access, learn on your own time.
  • Overview of composition - what it is, why it's important in telling your story
  • Hands-on guidance using VSCO & Snapseed
  • Introduction to the Olloclip (not necessary to purchase for workshop)
  • How to edit for anonymity
  • Timelapses, Tripods, Selfie-sticks, Remote Shutters, OH MY!

Click here for full workshop.


“Grab a pen, notebook and get ready to learn!! Artist Mom does an awesome job teaching you how to dig deeper and learn how to take great quality photos using your phone. This is especially important to me. I have two different dslr cameras; but find that I have my phone with me always, so taking quality photos with it just makes sense. You will want to take notes and practice, practice, practice!! Already looking forward to the next workshop!!” -Paige